About Us

Berlin101 tours is a young dynamic tour operator founded in the spring of 2019 by Thor Skúlason, an adventurous Icelander living in Berlin.

As there are multiple of tour operators in Berlin wanting to take you on a walk through the 800 years of its history we would like to tell you why and how it all started with us. Thor first came to Berlin as a student in 1991 and lived here in the mid nineties that made an ever lasting impression on him. He kept a close relationship with the city and has seen it change for the past 22 years after having lived in the vibrant and dynamic Prenzlauer Berg.  Once a working class area and now one of Berlin's trendy hotspots, the neighborhood is known for its many restored “Altbaus” and historic houses from the Industrial era of the Wilhelminian boom.

Thor decided to make a change and moved back to Berlin in the spring 2017 from his native Reykjavík in Iceland. After hosting countless friends and family members in his apartment in the “multi kulti” Kreuzberg (Berlin's Soho) and taking them around the vibrant city he asked himself: “Why not do this for a living?”. Being a professional hotelier by trade and having been in the hospitality business for over 20 years, Thor enjoys being of service to people and seeing his guests become enlightened by him showing them around. So after discussing with friends and family who actually had encouraged him to do so he decided to “just do it”.

Our pledge

But we can not leave the “About Us" section here without telling you that we donate 5% of our total revenue per person to the homeless and less fortunate people of Berlin, as part of our work with one of the homeless shelters in the city.

Thank you for choosing to ride with us.


Credits for the main photos on the home page:

Berlin nocturnal. Photo by Levin.

Berlin Cathedral. Photo by Anthony Reungére.

Brandenburg Gate. Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel.

TV Tower at Alexanderplatz. Photo by Artem Sapegin.