How should I be dressed ? Berlin has four seasons so dress accordingly that is to say if its a hot summer day vs. fall or winter days where it can get colder or in any way you feel comfortable. 

What is your cancellation policy ? Our general cancellation policy is 36 hours prior to your trip for a full refund.

Where do I rent bikes ? We recommend a few bike rentals on our site which are in close proximity to our meeting points or some apps you could use. Otherwise you can ask us or simply google any bike rental that is close to your hotel/ accommodation as there are multiple bike rentals all around Berlin.

Do I need a helmet ?  It is not required here but most bike rentals rent out helmets as well if you so desire.

Do we make stops on the way ? Yes, we make some pit stops for WC or getting some refreshments, drinks, food etc in most cases but recommend in hot weather to bring a bottle of water or any other drinks if you get dehydrated.